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  • HWSL 4155 Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection

HWSL 4155 Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection

HWSL 4155 MAGNETISING FIXTURE Designed to process, Disc/Ring type components, without making contact.

The HWSL unit is designed to process disc type components with a maximum diameter of 950 mm, a minimum bore of 55 mm and a maximum thickness of 200 mm.

The unit is designed to stand at the right-hand side of a MAGNAFLUX MAG Mobile Power Pack.

The unit consists of a welded framework positioned over an ink agitation tank. Sitting in this framework is a 1000 mm diameter spiral coil. Magnetic Ink is applied to the component from the agitation tank using a hand applicator and drains back into the tank. Passing through the centre of the spiral coil and making contact with a pad positioned below is a 50 mm diameter insulated copper central conductor. Both the upper and lower end of this conductor, are held by a pneumatic clamp.

The spiral coil and central conductor. Can be powered by either MAGNAFLUX MAG 50/3HM. or 5HM Power Pack. The current may be applied to either the spiral coil or central conductor

Specification and Operating Data

Overall Length: 2800 mm
Overall Height: 2000 mm
Overall Depth: 2300 mm
Height to Working Surface: 1060 mm
Air Supply to Regulator: 4 bar
Maximum Component Weight: 100 Kg
Maximum Component Diameter: 950 mm
Maximum Component Height (for clamping threader bar): 200 mm
Unit Colour: RAL 7032

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