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  • MD3-2060 Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection

MD3-2060 Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection

The MD3-2060 is our most versatile, powerful standard multidirectional unit. It offers timesaving multidirectional magnetization for detecting defects in all directions with one cycle, or conventional two-cycle operation. It provides alternating current (AC), full wave DC (FWDC), and half wave DC (HWDC) magnetization for surface or near-surface flaws. It provides enough amperage for a wide range of parts. A programmable logic controller (PLC) and a user-friendly graphical operator interface accomplish superior control of the units operation.


- Ensures Cycle Repeatability by Controlling Mag Shots and Bath Applications
- Security System (password protection, supervisor locks) reduces the risk of error in set up and inspection by ensuring proper amperage fields
- 50 Customer Programmable menus for pre-programming of inspection setups. (Parameters for Magnetization/ Demag)
- Automatic Piece Parts counter for quality control reporting
- Quick Disconnect Wiring installed for ease of serviceability
- Decaying AC and Reversing DC Demagnetization to help reduce gauss level in part and enhance post operations like drilling, grinding, welding
- Controlled Break Circuitry/Quick Break which ensures magnetic field wraps around ends of test piece (crucial to final inspection)
- Current Assurance Indicator lets operator know the current did not pass thru or magnetic field was not set up in test piece
- Front & Hardwood Grilles: impervious to oils & water, forgiving surface for parts that may be accidentally dropped
- Push Bar: initiates mag cycle, frees up two hands for part handling and inspection
- Adjustable Tailstock facilitates movement back & forth on rail to accommodate various lengths of your test pieces


- 6000 amp FW/HWDC and 5000 amp AC multidirectional output
- Multidirectional power supply — three phases: contacts,Flux-Flo™ coils and auxiliary coil
- Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Graphics Display Control Panel
- Large Illuminated Display with Digital Amperage Readout
- Three independent variable current controls with keypad entry
- Visual/Audible current assurance alarms with alarm log
- Modular digital solid state circuitry
- Quick disconnect wiring
- 50 customer programmable recipes
- Automatic piece parts counter
- Security systems (password protection, supervisor locks)
- Footswitch-operated pneumatic headstock
- Adjustable tailstock with crank
- Push bar
- Stainless steel tank
- Front and rear hardwood grilles
- Magnetization shot duration adjustment


- Dimensions w/o hood 88 1/2"L x 41"W x 60 1/4"H (224.8 cm x 104.1 cm x 153 cm)
- Net weight 1900 lbs (861 kg)
- Coil diameter 16" (40.6 cm)
- Input 460 VAC, 50/60 Hz, three phase
- Line current 400 amperes
- Recommended line fuse 200 amperes
- Recommended wire size #2/0 AWG
- Duty cycle 0.5 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF
- Part length capacity 41" (104.1 cm)
- Part weight capacity 1500 lbs (680 kg)w/optional steady rests
- Tank capacity 10 gallons (37.9 liters)
- Convenience outlets (1) 115 VAC, 5 amperes
- Air supply 60–100 psi (4.2–7.0 kg/cm2)
- PLC Modular Design
- Display screen size 9 1/2" (24.13 cm)

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