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Stationary Flaw Series MAG-50

MAG 50 SERIES A range of heavy duty machines designed for the inspection of ferrous components up to 2.5 metre in length

Operating accessories

The twin rollers of the steady rest allow rotation of components. It is fixed directly to the headstock.

These auxiliary adaptors fit on to the head and tailstocks of the MAG50 bench units to assist in the handling of short/small parts.

MAG50 Bench mounted twin roller steady rest allows rotation of components.



Specification and Operating Data
Model RangeMAG 50/3HMAG 50/5HMAG50/6FR
Maximum Output Current 3000 amps AC
& Half Wave DC
5000 amps AC
& Half Wave DC
6000 amps
Full Wave DC
Line current draw for duration of maximum current shot 170 amps 270 amps 110 amps
Recommend external fuse size 80 A 125 A 50 A
Mains input cable size(30 metre maximum length) 35 mm2 70 mm2 25 mm2
Demagnetisation Decaying AC Reversing DC
Typical Duty Cycle 1.5 seconds ON; 15 seconds OFF 1 second ON; 10 seconds OFF
Mains Electrical. Supply requirements 380 or 415 volts, 50 Hz 1ph 380 or 415 volts, 50 Hz, 3 ph
Current Control Optional 300,400,500mm and 625mm
Compressed Air Line Minimum 5 bar (customer to provide regulator)

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